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Honesty, Sincerity, Legal Accuracy - 3 Principles Ruling This Site!

Australia Marriage Visas understands the joys and happiness of you finding an offshore soul mate. It also knows the untold frustrations and the numerous immigration and citizenship delays you face to bring your chosen love home to US shores. Our first eBook’s author traveled the route to offshore marriage and knows the long-lasting euphoria of sharing life with a foreign spouse of one’s choosing. Both are now Americans. Many colleagues also asked us how to get their loved ones into the USA. This was before or after they experienced their offshore marriage. Unfortunately, they spent innumerable dollars on attorneys. Most of the actions they could have done themselves, more quickly, and less expensively. These savings would have left them more money to build a new life with their new spouse. Their joint concerns led us to develop this website. Australia Marriage Visas vowed to create a website to simplify and expedite the many delays experienced by spouses invited to join the American freedom of life. It has achieved this. Australia Marriage Visas is totally backed by its parent company, Green Card Experts, a respected web site involved in the immigration business since 1997. It has its full support to help you. You can read these eBooks with trust. Every fact in our eBooks has been checked by immigration officials and immigration lawyers. Each eBook has been rechecked by independent reviewers to verify that the details are correct, to make sure every detail is Honest, Sincere, and Legally Accurate to bring your loved one home. Our objective was to create a bible for offshore marriages. We believe we can say we have achieved this. Interesting statistics come to the fore. Research shows age groups most interested in offshore marriage range from 20 to 50, and are possibly equally divided between males and females. Are these statistics a sign of some of the disillusionment in our current US society? Is it time for a change? Australia Marriage Visas will remain true to its vow: honesty, sincerity, legal correctness in all things related to offshore marriages, immigration visa processes, and gaining citizenship. All our eBooks belong on your bookshelf. We hope that after you find and bring home your offshore spouse, family or children, our eBooks will hold an honored spot on that bookshelf.

Planning the Future

Reading our eBooks is the beginning; not the end. If you have questions, or need more information after reading our eBooks, please feel free to contact us. We welcome questions; we will try to help. If another eBook has to be created based on what we learn from you, we will create it. As a registered user of our site, you are entitlted to receive our periodic newsletter, which provides help and advice in our 3 areas of expertise: potential offshore marriages, overcoming visa immigration difficulties, and gaining working rights or citizenship faster or easier. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page also provides a wealth of useful information—based on questions asked by our users and answers provided by our staff of experts. You can also visit our Resources section, which provides you with many links to other sites relating to the marriage and visa process. Here you can find links for language help, legal expertise, foreign dating services, and much more.

Background to these eBooks

Offshore marriages brought happiness to thousands of Americans last year. The thousands will grow in the years to come. All of our eBooks are crucial to quick delivery of your spouse to USA shores. Our eBooks will also aid viewers who want to bring a spouse, family, child, or relative past our Statue of Liberty into a new life filled with the freedom to work, play and enjoy their days. They are valuable stand-alone volumes for those who need to go this route. They help you regardless of what stage you are at. Are you looking for love abroad? Have you found the love of your life abroad and want to bring her/him to the US? Are you already married and need to obtain a work permit or citizenship for your spouse? Whatever the case, we can help! What are some of the key areas in which we can help? Fraud in international marriages (while seeking your spouse) is, unfortunately, a global reality. You will not encounter that on this website. But you need to be aware of the pitfalls. In these eBooks, you will find ways to avoid it, how to find reputable brokers, shortcuts to speed up the processes, and save money. This website simplifies it all. We also eliminate the many misconceptions about the email process—wrongly called the mail-order route—to finding offshore romance and marriages. It is not illegal or seedy. It can be. But many legitimate services honestly are trying to make love matches. This site is one of them. Much confusion also exists about the process of where to start, what to expect, and more. Our eBooks are also designed to simplify the processes and to provide a clear roadmap. They include ways to vastly speed up the time needed to accomplish each action, to determine what information is needed, and to establish what evidence needs to be provided regarding the legitimacy of the union. They tell what costs are involved (these eBooks give fees), and forms to properly fill out to file for the greatest success ratio and maximum speedy results. May our eBooks lead you to happiness!

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