A Guide for the US Citizen?s Foreign Spouse:

From Arrival to Naturalization and Citizenship

Your Offshore Spouse?s Final Destination: Is US Citizenship!

Only then can he or she enjoy all the rights of a free American. Ordering this final eBook gives you a 3-book library to carry you through how to find you offshore soul mate, how to bring your spouse on shore, to this final destination?citizenship. It will make this final step easier, less expensive, and less exhausting. Anyone desiring to bring an offshore spouse, family or child to US shores will learn and gain by using this Citizenship eBook. Only US$19.95

What this stand-alone eBook tells you:

All the steps you need to find trouble-free Citizenship:

  • Why spouses should prepare for citizenship soon after arrival. Forms saved now, save trouble later.
  • How to quickly gain employment, conditional or permanent residency.
  • What time frame to expect after every marriage visa application before following up (6 to 10 months waits are typical).
  • How long each step approved is valid for.
  • Whether one should send government originals, or copies.
  • What fees are for each step so you can budget (estimate $4,000 minimum!).
  • Why these fees let you know if legal counsel is over billing you.
  • What forms must be filled out in black ink, or be rejected. Unbelievable! But true!
  • What steps will get your spouse a social security number.
  • How to appeal negative outcomes.
  • What tests you must and pass before getting citizenship. Prepare now!
  • How long you must be married before you can apply for citizenship.
  • How long your spouse must reside in one state before applying.
  • What illegal acts to avoid if one wants to become a citizen.
  • Why and when the FBI gets involved in spousal background tests.

If you think you need answers to these questions, order now.

Who Needs This Concise eBook?

Anyone who wants a trouble-free route to citizenship!

The process to help your spouse become a free American is frustrating and endless a times. It does not have to be overwhelming. What this eBook does is break the steps down into manageable bits. It tells what you must do, when, why, and how. It turns the citizenship mountain into a hill, by showing shortcuts and simple ways to achieve these steps: without stress. Anyone who wants to walk the walk towards a trouble-free citizenship, needs this eBook.

If you do not want to be overwhelmed by the citizenship process, order this eBook now.

Why Citizenship Is Important to Your Spouse:

It?s more than a piece of paper.

Freedom as a full US citizen holds untold mental benefits. It?s more than a right to vote. It makes traveling offshore easier due to lifted restrictions. It allows your spouse to bring endeared family members on shore to join your marital happiness. It means government never questioning again if you deserve to be a US citizen. But above all, it gives your spouse a sense of home, where your joint descendents will live free, unquestioned, for generations to come. It will help give peace for the remainder of your lifetimes.

Citizenship is part of your path to long-lasting marital happiness.

A Bundle of Bonuses!

To ease your march to citizenship this eBook includes:

  • A complete list of the 100 questions you will be asked before becoming a citizen. Why not prepare now?
  • Some of questions are complex. Some have multiple answers. The time to learn the answers is now.
  • An in-depth list of the steps you must take and forms you must fill.
  • A list of fees, so you will not be overcharged if legal counsel is needed.
  • A list, by state, of where to contact immigration offices?and what to ask.
  • Websites to download forms to save innumerable time.

Bonuses you gain, alone, make this eBook worth order now!

Who Created This Valuable eBook!

To easily deliver your US citizenship!

The author of this invaluable eBook is the expert immigration staff at Green Card Experts, masters in obtaining citizenships for thousands of immigrants since 1997. This highly-respected firm had this eBook, like all its eBooks, checked thoroughly by immigration, legal and independent critics and experts. This ensures every fact you read is accurate. You can trust this eBook.

Why make time-wasting mistakes when you can have accuracy, by ordering this eBook now? Your spouse?s or family?s ?simple? march to the joys of US citizenship rest in this eBook. To order, just click. Only US$19.95

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