Foreign Spouses

Foreign Spouses

Perhaps the most valuable eBook you will ever read:

Marriage by (e)Mail: Find a Spouse With the Click of a Mouse!

The stigma of searching for marriage offshore by email is fast disappearing. And it is rapidly growing. It?s not a sex slave market. Over 14,000 US citizens find love and marriage offshore through email annually. Thousands more are searching the Internet. Federal data reports 80% of these marriages last longer than the traditional US marriage. Here?s what this eBook will teach you! Only US$29.95

What this book will do for you:

In 10 intriguing chapters you will learn facts such as:

  • Who your Modern Day offshore email Brides and Grooms Are.
  • What they are looking for, and why.
  • The many advantages of marriages by email.
  • Expenses involved; how to plan for them.
  • How you can protect yourself from fraud.
  • How to find your spouse-to-be by email.
  • How to communicate over two continents.
  • What to do if you meet.
  • How to introduce your beloved to family, friends.
  • How you can speed your offshore spouse through US immigration red tape once you discover your true love.

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Who You Will Meet by Email:

Does your bride or groom exist offshore? Visit with us.

  • Ph.D.?s, Doctors, Professionals ? from offshore countries are searching on email sites for long-lasting love and marriage to US citizens, for their values are not their nation?s, or their dreams are frustrated by where they live.
  • Ordinary People ? who are seriously seeking a partner to share their life, their dreams, and their love, are looking. You do not have to be a millionaire to find an offshore partner of the highest quality. To many, average Americans are viewed as wealthy.

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Why US Citizens search offshore For love and Marriage!

The wondrous advantages of serious email relationships are multitude.

  • More Options ? Over 150,000 women and men sought US or international spouses in one recent year. Compare this to how many potential spouses you can meet through friends, work, in the typical bar scene, or social events.
  • More Truth ? Email often reveals more about a person than face-to-face communication, with all its pretense and smiling untruths, and emphasis on a partner?s material wealth.
  • Less Pain ? At any time, you can end an email communication if disillusionment occurs, before emotional scars are created.
  • More diversification ? Seekers from every nation of the globe, different exotic looks, values and dreams that match yours, are searching for you.

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How to avoid damaging fraud:

The author of this eBook tells when and how to:

  • End the emails - Ten plus signs are given telling when fraud looms, and when to end a correspondence, before experiencing emotional pain.
  • Find the right site ? Over 200 US sites and brokers exist to set up email marriage correspondence (up dramatically from a few short years ago). Some are fraudulent, take your money, and will yield nothing or little, just enough to avoid laws. This eBook teaches you how to spot them.
  • Fees ? Legitimate fees exist. Nothing in life is free, including finding lasting happiness with the right spouse. What is reasonable is covered, and what you should expect.

You can trust this eBook. It is completely honest, sincere, and legally correct.

Where Your Spouse Will Come From! You will walk in a global neighborhood.

  • Around the globe ? People like you are seeking serious relationships, possible marriages, with someone who cares!
  • Main countries ? Potential brides and grooms topping the search come from Russia, Brazil, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Honduras, and Cuba, to name a few.
  • Statistics show ? highly-educated seekers (50%), offshore marriages occurred in 44 US states, general age ranges from 20 to 50 with median age 37 ? and much more is revealed in this eBook.

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How To Search!

Avoid potential dangers en route to your soul mate.

  • What to look for ? on sites, in applicants, in nations, and cultures is one pillar of this eBook.
  • What to avoid ? in emotional pain, unscrupulous scams, false seekers, is the second pillar.

US seekers can follow this eBook with trust, sincerity, and legal guidance.

Who created this informative, amazing eBook?

The author of this eBook traveled the email route to happiness and a long lasting marriage. Both she and her partner are now American citizens. Through learning, experience, and years of study, she learned what you discover in this eBook.

Marriage by (e)Mail is totally supported by its parent company, Green Card Experts, a highly-respected company specializing in rapidly solving visa and paperwork problems for immigrants to the US.

Without this eBook, you should not begin the search for your soul mate.


In this edition you will also receive an in-depth, country-by-country survey of the customs, lifestyles, and other factors of your potential bride or groom. It may impact your experience. In itself, this section may become a separate eBook.


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