Marriage Visas: A Quick Guide to the Immigration Process

Bringing Your Foreign Fiancé(e) or Spouse Home to the United States

So you found your offshore soul mate! You followed our eBook Marriage by (e)Mail

We also recommend you read this companion eBook. Anyone who wants to bring their spouse trouble free into the US, needs this important companion eBook. Without it, you could face tremendous immigration delays, expenses, and emotional pain created by absence. Immigration can be complex. And costly! This eBook also applies to anyone trying to bring in foreign family or children. Only US$24.95

What this unequalled eBook gives you is:

In easy step-by-step form you discover:

  • Which of many forms you must fill out. And how! Wrong one, expect big delays.
  • How to avoid a $250,000 or 5-year jail penalty if the government thinks you created a fraudulent entry.
  • Whether it?s best to marry offshore first, or enter the US first.
  • Why you must prove you are a US citizen. And the many proofs demanded.
  • How to get your spouse?s working documents, fast, legally.
  • Why your marriage must take place within 90-days after your spouse touches US soil.
  • What to do if your spouse is not fluent in English. A prerequisite!
  • What to do if your spouse was previously married or has children.
  • Whether your spouse is ?legally? entitled to marry in the US.
  • Why some marriage visa applicants are rejected, and what to do. How to appeal!
  • How to avoid costly legal fees, by doing many steps yourself.
  • How to create an airtight immigration package guaranteed to give your spouse easy US entry.
  • This is only a taste of the immigration hurdles this book will take you over.

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Who Needs this Valuable eBook?

US citizens bringing in foreign spouses-to-be, family, or children.

Finding your offshore soul mate is only half the battle. Getting them into the US safely and fast, is the other half, so you can begin to enjoy your life together. This eBook is not a luxury; it is a key to avoiding troubles. Don?t make paperwork mistakes that could haunt you later.

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Why this eBook Saves You Time and Money!

It lets you budget sensibly to bring your spouse-to-be or family on to US shores. Immigration fees like $930, or $80, or $340 in this book are common. Repeat any of the steps twice, due to paperwork errors, and you?ll pay the fee twice. Immigration lawyers are expensive. Yet many of the steps, as explained in this eBook, you can do yourself and save.

Your savings could cover the price of this eBook a thousand times! One more good reason to order now!


In this edition, these features are included.

  • An immigration checklist for foreign spouse entry.
  • A complete list, by state, of how to contact US Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • A set of Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Every Basic Form you will need.
  • Where on websites you can get these forms.
  • Fees you must pay to make every immigration step.

Ordering now rather than later, saves in case this data becomes a separate eBook later.

Who Created This Valuable eBook!

Bringing Your Foreign Fiancé(e) or Spouse Home to the United States:

It is the creation of Green Card Experts, a highly-respected company that specializes in rapidly processing visa and paperwork for US immigrants. It has been solving problems since 1997. Every fact in this eBook, like all its eBooks, has been checked for accuracy by immigration and legal experts; double-checked by independent critics. Australia Marriage Visas prides itself on what it does. You can trust this eBook; this eBook is honest and legally accurate.

This valuable eBook is your second most important step to offshore marriage!

For trouble-free US entry for your foreign soul mate or family, it is recommended you buy this ebook now! Only US$24.95

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