Why Gov?t Paperwork Kills Offshore Romance

Some people occasionally ask USA Marriages Visas, ?Why do I need your eBooks? Government paperwork can?t be that complicated if I want to bring my foreign love, family or relatives into the US!? Let us introduce you to one short segment of our eBook ?Bring Your Foreign Fiancé(e) or Spouse Home to the United States.?

So you want to bring them home? Did you know there are FOUR types of visas alone to do so! If you are engaged, you use the K-1 form. If you are engaged and your fiancé has children, you apply with the K-2 visa. If you decide to get married abroad first, you use the K-3. If you get married abroad, and your fiancé has children, you use the K-4.

And if you use the wrong one, after waiting months for the government to tell you the good news, your application will be rejected!

Think that?s complicated? Don?t fill out any of these forms out in black ink, and your application will be rejected again, after months of waiting to let government let you know ?what?s up!?

Use red, or blue, or green ink?or if you want to get fancy, chartreuse?and your application will definitely be rejected. More months of waiting, just to find out you have to start all over again. Ridiculous! But true!

Government tries hard. But it?s got a lot to do, with small things like national security and such these days.

What?s important is this:

Contrary to popular belief, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. Given enough time due to government paperwork delays, even if you and your beloved or prospective marriage partner traveled and met, you might forget what each other even looked like and wonder why you got involved. And walk away from the love of your life. And happiness!

No one is forcing you to buy our eBook ?Bring Your Foreign Fiancé(e) or Spouse Home ?? But think about what you could lose due to the government maze of paperwork. That?s what this eBook is all about: taking the right steps, quickly, easily, correctly.

The choice to purchase ?Bring Your Foreign Fiancé(e) ?? is up to you. As is your choice to use our parent company USA Green Card?s low-cost services versus legal costs, to get your spouse?s visa quickly and without lost time.

With delays, you could lose a lot more than you will ever spend on Australia Marriage Visas?s eBooks. The loss is called ?happiness.?

Think about it! If you want to buy, click the title above or on the Home Page. But it?s strictly up to you, my friend!

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