Military Can Bring in Offshore Spouses Without Travel to US

Good news for US military spread far and wide.  In 2008, President George Bush signed a law allowing certain eligible spouses of the US armed forces to naturalize their spouses offshore and avoid traveling to the US to create the credentials.

To be eligible, members of the armed forces living abroad on official military orders must meet certain requirements to naturalize their spouses in this fashion.  Some of the rulings are below, as issued under the US Citizenship and Immigration Services as stated in section 319(e) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).  These stipulations include:  

  • The spouse must be in a lawful union with the US military member and be continued to by married to such.
  • Time eligible will be counted as time spent abroad and in the US.
  • Involuntary periods spent abroad by the military member, on orders from his or her nation, do not constitute a breach of this time spent.
  • USCIS encourages applicants to place a cover letter on the top of their application parcel, and asks it contain the title ?319(e) Overseas Naturalization,? and explains aspects as to their desire to be naturalized, and give their full address abroad.
  • Fingerprint cards?two complete sets?must be included, and be taken at an overseas US military base or an equivalent named.
  • A Marriage Certificate, proof of, and if applicable the legal proof of all previous legal marriages for both the spouse and applicant.
  • Two identical passport photos, birth certificates of any offspring born due to the union, proof of joint bank accounts and tax returns, and a number of other details.

Rather than belabor the point, Australia Marriage Visas refers military interested in this approach to visit:
Fees and how to present them are given in full on the site.  Processing time normally takes 120 to 180 days if all data has been filed correctly.


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