Can I get a U.S. visa for my foreign fiancee or spouse without the help of an attorney?

If you are a U.S. citizen who married an offshore spouse, it is imperative that he/she gets a U.S. spouse visa.  There are two ways by which you can go about the U.S. fiancé(e) visa application process.  You can either file the U.S. spouse visa application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on your own, or you can decide to obtain professional help from an immigrant visa attorney or a representative who is accredited and comes from an authentic organization.
The entire process of applying for a U.S. fiancé(e) visa is very complex. It requires an accurate legal paperwork and mistakes can cost a lot to your spouse. Unlike other legal paper works, mistakes in a U.S. spouse visa application cannot be rectified and might even result in your spouse having to leave the United States. Therefore, many would suggest you to approach a visa attorney to avoid such disastrous mistakes. But, before narrowing down on an immigrant visa attorney, there are many issues to be taken care of, so that you and your spouse do not become victims of fraudulent activities.  

The immigrant visa attorney you hire will have to complete a ?NOTICE OF ENTRY OF APPEARANCE AS ATTORNEY OR REPRESENTATIVE? (Form G-28) and file it with your spouse? application for a U.S. fiancé(e) visa. Following this process, only your visa attorney will be contacted by the USCIS.

If you decide to seek guidance from an immigrant visa attorney, you should verify whether they are approved to legally represent your spouse before the USCIS. This visa attorney must be a member of the ?bar? of a U.S. State and not under any court order that confines their practice of law. This immigrant visa attorney will have to select the first block in the Form G-28 and should present withal vital information with respect to their admission to practice. An easy way to verify the authenticity of the immigrant visa attorney is to ask him/her to produce the current attorney licensing document. You should then make a note of the number and communicate with the State Bar admission authorities to check whether the license is authentic. Any visa attorney who is lawfully admitted, should have no problem disclosing this information to you, because the State Bar practice rules allows the disclosure of this information to clients. If you are unable to contact the State Bar admission authorities, you can verify the license through the States Bar website. Only after verifying the authenticity of your attorney, should you hire the visa attorney for the application of US fiancé(e) visa application process.

To prevent any further frauds your spouse should not sign blank applications, petitions, incomprehensible documents, or documents that provide false statements or wrong information. Also, you should get copies of all documents prepared or submitted and must not make any payment to the visa attorney without obtaining a receipt. If you prefer to employ an attorney to help you in the visa process, you also have to pay their fee.

But, it is not always mandatory to have an attorney to help you U.S. fiancé(e) visa application process. You can very well do it on your own, provided you understand the requirements and guidelines correctly. If you cannot afford exorbitant attorney fees and feel it is better to acquire a U.S. spouse visa on your own, you can get help online. There are many websites that offer online guidance on how to obtain U.S. fiancé(e) visa at affordable rates. One such website is, which has come out with an e-book that provides information on how to fill up a U.S. spouse visa application form and how to go about the entire process without committing any mistake.

The bottom line is that you can get a U.S. spouse visa for your foreign fiancée or spouse without acquiring the help of an immigrant visa attorney. The e-book from will he

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