How to Get U.S. Citizenship for a Foreign Spouse

If you are an U.S. citizen and have married a foreigner, then your spouse can acquire the citizenship via naturalization process, provided he/she is 18 years old or above. If so, he/she is eligible for Permanent Resident Card. Upon receiving the Green Card, you can proceed with the U.S. citizenship process.
The naturalization process starts with application procedure:

Application Process:

?    Form N-400 - Application for Naturalization: complete all relevant columns in legible handwriting.
?    Two identical, passport-style, color photographs with applicant?s name and ?A?number? written in pencil on the back.  Do not send photos in which you wear eyeglasses, earrings, or head covers (except for religious purpose).
?    A copy of the applicant?s Permanent Resident Card.
?    Along with application fee, also send the biometric services fee via money order or check. Cash payment is not acceptable.

Supporting Documents:

1.    Proof of your spouse who has been a U.S citizen for the last three years, like Birth certificate/Naturalization certificate/Certificate of Citizenship. If not  your spouse?s current U.S. passport copy (inside part of the front cover and the signature page) or Form FS-240 (Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America) can also be attached
2.    Your existing marriage record
3.    A proof, if your previous wedding(s) has been terminated or death certificate(s) of your spouse should be provided
4.    Financial documents, such as tax returns, bank accounts, leases, mortgages, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of last three years.

Once you complete filling the application form and enclosed all the necessary supporting documents, mail them to the USCIS Lockbox Facility allotted for your area.

Biometric Process:

You will receive an appointment letter from the office of the USCIS for taking your fingerprints. Your fingerprints will be sent to FBI for checking criminal background. Once the FBI check is cleared, you will be called for an interview by the USCIS as a part of the U.S. citizenship process.

Interview & Test:

As soon as the USCIS schedule your interview, be there on time. In case of rescheduling the interview due to some reasons, notify the office where your interview is scheduled at the earliest. If you miss to notify USCIS office regarding rescheduling, then you can not apply for the next one year. Postponement of the interview may delay the naturalization process, so it is advisable to attend interview on the fixed time and date. The INS officer will explain the applicant about the purpose of the interview and get details like the applicant?s background, where and how long he/she resided, character, attachment to the Constitution, and willingness to take an Oath of Allegiance to the United States.

The applicant will be examined in:  

1.    Reading: You spouse must read out one sentence out of three, suggesting the USCIS officer that he/she has understood the sentence
2.    Writing: Your spouse will be subjected to write simple sentences
3.    Speaking: This part of section will be checked while you answer questions during the interview

Apart from the English proficiency exam, the INS officer will ask you civics questions on U.S. history. You are required to answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly to pass. Based on the test score, the application for foreign spouse U.S. citizenship will be approved or rejected. You will receive a formal letter from the USCIS stating the date and time of oath ceremony with "Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony" (Form N-445).

Oath Taking Ceremony:

If you are approved for American citizenship, you have to take the Oath

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