The advantages of obtaining US citizenship for your foreign husband/wife

If you have found yourself a suitable spouse abroad and want to bring him/her home to the United States of America, it is always advisable to help him/her get a spouse U.S. citizenship. The U.S.A citizenship will guarantee your spouse all the U.S. citizenship advantages that you enjoy as a U.S. citizen. Also, it will make his/her stay in your country a hassle-free one, thus enabling both of you to share a wonderful married life.

The American citizenship benefits and rights that your spouse will obtain as a U.S. citizen are many. One of the most important U.S. citizenship advantages is his/her right to vote, because only a person with U.S.A citizenship can administer his/her vote during the federal, state, and local elections in the United States. This would give your spouse the right to choose the leader that he/she thinks should run the nation he/she lives in. The second most vital benefit of being a U.S. citizen is that, it will enable your spouse to apply for jobs, especially federal jobs, since they offer mid-to-high range salaries, excellent benefits, and maximum job security. He/she is also eligible to apply for government-aided programs like food aid and medical care, social security, food stamps, cash support, non-emergency medical services, and other assistance programs that come under the U.S. citizenship advantages. These American citizenship benefits are what your spouse might need to make a living in the U.S. Unlike green card holders, your spouse will not have to carry the proof of U.S.A citizenship while residing in the country.   

If your spouse acquires a spouse U.S. citizenship, he/she will be secure from anti-immigrant laws. A citizenship will keep him/her from being subjected to the frequent changes that might be brought into action in order to toughen the immigration laws for security reasons. If your spouse has a U.S.A citizenship, then under no condition will the country deport him/her to other countries. Instead, he/she will have the right to have an attorney and will face a fair trial, whether it is a legal or a criminal problem. One of the other American citizenship benefits is that your spouse inherits the right to sponsor close relatives and family members to enable their immigration into the United States. The close family members of your spouse will be exempted from many limitations imposed on their immigration and will also enjoy expedited timeline. After your spouse receives the U.S.A   citizenship, his/her existing children will get green cards to live in the U.S. Your future children will acquire U.S. citizenship automatically by birth.

Apart from these U.S. citizenship advantages, there are also other American citizenship benefits. If your spouse is a Permanent Resident (green card holder), he/she will face restrictions on how long he/she can stay abroad. For instance, if green card holders stay abroad continuously for 180 days or more, they must get a re-entry permit to enter the United States. On the other hand, if your spouse has a U.S.A citizenship, he/she will not be restricted on the time he/she can stay abroad and will not be subject to acquiring permission for re-entry. Also, green cards need to be renewed every ten year, which will cost you quite a few dollars, whereas a permanent U.S.A citizenship does not require any renewal.

One of the U.S. citizenship advantages is that many countries do not require visas of U.S. citizens. Moreover, if your spouse travels abroad with a U.S.A citizenship, he/she can enjoy the protection of the U.S. State Department. In case your spouse is injured, robbed in a foreign country, he/she will be assisted by the U.S. consulate and embassy.  

So, for a peaceful married life, the final destination for your abroad spouse is to obtain the U.S.A citizenship to enjoy all the American citizenship benefits. To assist you through the tedious and expensive procedure, has come up with an e-book that throws light on how to bring your spouse to the United States and how to help him/her to acquire spouse U.S. citizenship.

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