What can we expect at the interview for our marriage visa?

Many Americans marry foreign nationals and bring them to the United States through marriage visas. There are two types of marriage visas for a foreign spouse, including the Immigrant Visa for a Spouse (IR1 or CR1) and Nonimmigrant Visa for a Spouse (K-3). If you plan to marry your abroad fiancée in America, then he/she should apply for the Nonimmigrant Visa for a Fiancé(e) (K-1).

After you have filed the petition for marriage visas, your spouse?s eligibility will be verified, and if all goes well, his/her petition will be approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) department. Following the verification process, your petition will be forwarded to the consulate for immigration marriage interview. The marriage visa interview is where most of the petitions get rejected, because of discrepancies, criminal charges, or for providing wrong information. Getting through the immigration marriage interview conducted by the consulate officer is not a child?s play, and it is advised that you answer honestly for all the marriage immigration interview questions.

At the marriage visa interview, questions will be asked to test the authenticity of your relationship with your spouse. If at any stage the officer detects that there has been a marriage immigration fraud, then the petition for marriage visas will be rejected. If you have married your abroad spouse outside America, he/she is more likely to face the K3 marriage visa interview.

Although it is totally impossible to guess what marriage immigration interview questions would be asked, most of these questions will be about how you two met, about your spouse?s financial position, about previous relationships, and more. The probable marriage immigration interview questions will include

?    How and where did you meet for the first time?
?    How long have you known each other?
?    What do you two do for a living?
?    Does your spouse have any children? Have you met them?

If you decide to marry a foreigner in the United States of America, you and your fiancé(e) will be attending the K1 marriage visa interview. In this case, most of the questions asked by the consulate officer will be more personal and will revolve around the personal incidents and occasions that have happened between you and your fiancé(e). Many questions will be asked about your fiancé(e)?s profession, educational background, financial stability, family, previous relationship, children, and also about his/her engagement with you. Some of the very common marriage immigration interview questions for K1 marriage visas include

?    How and where did you meet your fiancé(e)?
?    When did your fiancé(e) propose?
?    What do you love about your fiancé(e)?
?    What does your fiancé(e) do for a living?
?    When and why did your fiancé(e) divorce?
?    Are you willing to take care of your fiancé(e)?s children if they live with him/her?
?    When and where are you going to have the wedding?

If the consulate officer suspects the authenticity of your relationship, you and your spouse will be asked to meet the fraud unit, where both of you will be interviewed separately. During this marriage visa interview, the marriage immigration interview questions will be far more probing and tough. The only way out of this marriage visa interview is to be completely honest with the officer.

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