Can I really find my future husband/wife in a foreign land? And can it all be done by Internet?

More and more Americans are coming out of the conventional dating system and are searching for a suitable foreign wife or a foreign husband. The trend of looking for a foreign spouse is undergoing a cancerous growth, and it is said that in a recent year, more than 150,000 women and men sought for U.S. or international spouses. The best part about finding a future foreign wife or a foreign husband is that you don’t have to travel to countries abroad to serve the purpose. You can find your ideal foreign spouse by sitting at home. This is where technology steps in to aid in your quest for that ideal offshore partner.

You can make use of the Internet facility at home to find yourself your future foreign wife or foreign husband. Statistics show that every year, over 14,000 U.S. citizens find their foreign partners through email. And, the number seems to only increase every year. Reports from federal data suggest that eighty percent of these email marriages have more longevity than the traditional U.S. marriage. As a result, the fear and apprehension associated with these email marriages is slowly disappearing.

One can find people from all walks of life enrolling for email marriages starting from ordinary people to professionals, Ph.D.’s, and doctors. The ordinary people seek probable US spouses to share their life, their dreams, and their love, and the latter look for long-lasting love and marriage to U.S. citizens. If you are a U.S. citizen wanting to find a foreign spouse for yourself, you don’t necessarily have to be a millionaire, because most foreigners are of the notion that an average American is wealthy enough for them.

Finding a foreign wife or a foreign husband through the Internet has many advantages. As the saying goes, �looks can often be deceptive’. So, an email relationship will be more truthful than a forced face-to-face relationship. One can know more about a foreign spouse through email, than through pretentious direct conversations. This sort of a relationship can be far less painful, because one can end the communication without creating any emotional scar, in case any disagreement arises. Another advantage of email marriages is that an American who has unique values in life might not be able to find an American spouse, but can definitely find a foreign spouse who shares his/her sentiments and values.

American men can find a foreign wife by another similar concept called mail order brides, whereby foreign women advertise themselves through a reliable marriage agency for the purpose of getting married to an American citizen. In this system, an American can make use of 200 different services through which he can find a foreign wife. A foreign woman will register herself in a reliable marriage agency, which will then provide information like her name, photo, biographical sketch, and address via paper application or through Internet. If a man is interested in her, he will have to pay some nominal amount to the marriage agency and get her mail address.

Australia Marriage Visas offers help and guidance to Americans who are seeking a foreign spouse through email dating. We make available a detailed e-book, wherein we provide information about mail order brides and email marriages. This e-book from also offers tips regarding fraudulent agencies and marriages and how to avoid the emotional pain due to fraudulent marriages. This e-book is what you will need if you are looking for a spouse on the Internet!

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