What are some of the key marriage visa issues to consider before marrying a foreign spouse?

Mail order brides and email marriages are becoming a healthy trend in modern American marriage system. If you are an American citizen, and if you have selected a foreign fiance to marry, you are halfway through the battle. The remaining half lies in the process of getting your foreign spouse a marriage visa, so that he/she can lead a hassle-free family life with you in the United States of America.

Your fiancé(e) is free to choose between one immigration marriage visa and two non-immigration marriage visas, whichever is more suitable. The IR1 or CR1 immigration marriage visa and the K-3 non-immigration marriage visa are preferred after your marriage, whereas the K-1 non-immigration marriage visa is ideal before you marry her.

Acquiring a marriage visa is not a walk in the park and has many complications within. Your spouse should satisfy all the visa requirements and should not commit even a single mistake in the marriage visa form. Any deviation in these processes would lead to the rejection of his/her marriage visa form.

There are many major marriage visa issues to consider before marrying a foreign spouse. The first thing is that you should be sure about the authenticity of your foreign fiance. You must know whether his/her intentions for marrying you are true or is the person marrying you for fraudulent purposes. This is because if the authorities figure out that he?she is marrying for fraud reasons, his/her marriage visa application form will be rejected and you could face a US$250,000 fine, or 5 years in prison, or both.

The second most important issue is to decide whether it is better to marry offshore first, or whether to enter the US first. Because based on your decision you should choose the IR1, K-3, or K-1 marriage visa. If you decide to bring your spouse first, the K-1 marriage visa is the one you should apply for. After deciding, you and your spouse should make sure he/she satisfies all the visa requirements before filing the petition.

It is highly imperative that your spouse:

? should not have any public charge against him/her.
? should not fail the medical test.
? should not possess any criminal record.
? should not be infected with HIV or any incurable disease.

This is because the above mentioned causes are the main criteria for marriage visa rejection. Apart from this issues like missing information in the marriage visa form, incomplete affidavit of support, absence of police report, and other missing documents should be considered in order to avoid rejection.

One of the K-1 marriage visa requirements is that you should marry your foreign fiance within 90 days after she enters the United States, else you might be penalised. The other commonly considered marriage visa issues are:

? What to do if your spouse is not fluent in English?
? What to do if your spouse was previously married or has children?
? Whether your spouse is ?legally? entitled to marry in the US?
? Why some marriage visa applicants are rejected, and what to do? How to appeal?
? How to avoid costly legal fees, by doing many steps yourself?

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