New Citizenship Test Starts Soon

Applicants for US citizenship must take a new test commencing October 1, 2008. Continue studying the English language, for the test contains 100 new questions and applies to the English reading and writing sections, as well as the nation?s history and government policies.

The test will be standardized, and apply nationally in every jurisdiction. For the objective of this new approach is to provide a fairer and more meaningful test applicable to every one who wishes to join the US citizenry. Deviations will no longer be allowed by region.

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The new test?s emphasis will be on the basics of American democracy, and the rights and responsibilities of each citizen, to encourage applicants to identify with the underlying values Americans share as a nation.

The government believes this new test will encourage civic learning and patriotism among newcomers, as well as allow it to more effectively gauge whether applicants have a ?meaningful understanding? of US government and history.

The pilot tests prior to implementing this new concept were conducted at adult education sites nationwide, among a broad sample of candidates with a wide variety of education levels.

Applicants will be able to see on a government website whether they can take the older version of the new test, or must take the new one (it depends on the date of their application), or have a choice, and which test they must take if they fail the one they are eligible to presently.

The complicated website address is below, and Australia Marriage Visas recommends applicants put it into their search engine exactly as shown below, to reach the applicable data here:

This site also gives a list of test questions and answers and learning aids available from government, and where they can be obtained, and shows the scoring guidelines for the English-language portion of the naturalization test.

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