US simplifies immigrants? case progress worries

US Immigration authorities have created a simplified method of advising the current existing status of any application made for offshore fiancés, grooms or family members made by an American citizen who desires to bring the one they love or care for to their homeland.  For viewers of Australia Marriage Visas this might end their worries or ease their concerns.

In the top right of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website ( they will find three informative categories.  They are:

  • My Case is Pending:  Here they will discover the case?s exact status, if the case is outside the current processing times, services available to you while the case is pending, data on accelerating the processing, and the criteria for expediting the case, and more. 
  • My Case Has Been Approved:  This section delivers information on if your offshore spouse or family member has been granted residency, the procedures that will follow, who to contact if you have moved residency since making the application, what to do if you have not received the approval within 30 days (the allotted time), and who to contact if you have remaining questions.  It also tells if your incoming person can work in the US, how to apply for a social security card and licenses, and what to show if they do apply for employment, and numerous other questions that might be roving through one?s mind.
  • My Case Has Been Denied:  As unwelcome as the news might be, in this section you will find out how you will be notified of the ?Reasons Why,? whether or not you can file an appeal, or if you can file a motion to re-open or reconsider the decision made.  Appeals are allowed only on certain types of cases.  And it makes it clear that appeals and motions are two different things.  Both should be studied carefully.

This is a site well worth tracking to make sure all is on track to bring in your offshore future marriage partner or family members.