Below are several categories of resources Australia Marriage Visas believes can be useful to you in your search for a foreign spouse or bringing that mate home to the United States. Please note that we do not endorse any of these organizations or websites and we are in no way affiliated with them. If you believe there are other resources that should be posted here, please contact us to let us know.

International Marriage Brokers

International marriage brokers are organizations that provide matchmaking services or social referrals between US citizens/permanent residents and foreign nationals. The term is general, and applies to services that are provided for a fee and services that are free. Follow this link for a sample list of marriage brokers and related organizations.

Translation and Language Learning

In your search for a foreign spouse, you might find that the persons you?re corresponding with cannot effectively communicate with you because you don?t both speak the same language. Whether you decide you want to communicate in English or another language, there are many services (some are free, others charge a fee) that are available to help you. Follow this link to find some of these translation and language learning services.

Travel and Tours

Many travel agencies have tour programs that are specifically focused on matchmaking between US citizens and foreigners. Be sure to ask plenty of questions and to verify their legitimacy. Ask how many years they?ve been in business and for referrals from satisfied customers! All of the organizations featured here can help you with basic travel plans (airfare, hotel, ground transportation, etc.), and some go further and can help with introductions at your destination. Follow this link to learn more.

Foreign Pen Pals

If you?re not exactly ready to go full out to search for a spouse or mate, perhaps you?d be more comfortable starting with a much less pressured approach: penpals. There are many services and organizations that can connect you with similar-minded people throughout the world. The penpal method allows for much more casual correspondence?and no perceived expectations or commitments! We?ve compiled a short list of organizations that can get you started. Follow the link to start.

Online Forums/Blogs

The Internet has an incredible number of online forums and blogs that can help you with your search for a foreign spouse and with the trials and tribulations of getting your loved one?s US visa. Forums and blogs allow you to vent frustrations, seek advice, or just learn about what others have experienced in their journeys through the process. We?ve provided a select list of these on our site, which you can view by following the link.

Legal Assistance

For the most part, Australia Marriage Visas believes that the basic process of obtaining marriage/fiancé(e) visas can be done on your own. This is why this site was created: to offer you the opportunity to learn how to get it done by yourself. But the truth remains that sometimes the specific circumstances of a case necessitate the intervention by a qualified immigration attorney. If you find yourself in such a situation, we can recommend that you start by browsing through some of these sites. Follow the link to learn about some of the organizations that can help you get your visa.

US Citizenship Test Questions

Are you or your spouse in the process of being naturalized (becoming a US citizen)? Remember that in most cases you will be required to take a citizenship test. It?s not very difficult, but it does require that you prepare for it. We?ve put together all of the possible questions that you can be asked and the acceptable answers you can give. Click this link to read them.

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